On the main page of this blog, the newest post is always on the top. This is nice for readers following this blog regularly, but it doesn’t lay out my thoughts in a logical order.

Here’s an index of the most important posts in a logical order:

  1. Crew moving with respect to the boat leads to variations in boat speed due to conservation of momentum. Equations for boat velocity as a function of crew and center-of-mass velocity are described here.
  2. The main mission of the crew is to overcome the drag force on the hull and move it as fast as possible from start to finish. The drag force for different boat and crew types is discussed here. Some more remarks are made in subsequent posts here and here.
  3. The blade propels the boat through lift and drag forces. Oar blade drag and lift are described here.
  4. The rower is not a single point mass. At the catch, the handle is further from the center of mass than at the finish. Rower center of mass vs handle position is discussed here.
  5. The slipping blade causes the fulcrum of the lever to move during the stroke. Lever physics applied to oars with slipping blades is discussed here.
  6. The core of the model is an algorithm to calculate the velocity vs. time for the entire stroke. The algorithm for calculating a single stroke is shown here.
  7. The energy flowing into the system must equal the outflow. A discussion of the balance of energy and rowing efficiency is given here.
  8. The model must be able to predict realistic results. A validation of the model on Lucerne 2010 World Cup results is given here
  9. Discussion on muscle power vs contraction spead is here
  10. Does the recovery style have an influence on the average boat speed? Read all about it here.
  11. Three posts deal with the force profile during the stroke. First, I discuss extreme, theoretical stroke profiles. A close-up on energy consumption is given here. Finally, I look at realistic stroke profiles.

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